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Recently added Popular Alternatives to FastStone Capture for Mac OS X on

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  • 12/31/12--07:38: Snapshotor
  • Snapshotor is very handy FREE screen capture utility for multiple platform. Quick to capture a part or full screen; edit and save snapshot just as Microsoft Paint; option to auto-save snapshot to clipboard or file; support customizing some options such as hotkeys ...

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  • 02/17/13--18:57: Nanotate
  • Capture and annotate super quick with intuitive hotkeys. Supports imgur upload.

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  • 05/11/13--18:03: Glui
  • Glui is the simplest way to capture, annotate and share screenshots. Key features: • Capture crosshair, window or fullscreen screenshots, or drag and drop existing images. • Annotate with arrow, rectangle, pen and text tool. • Instantly upload to and get a link to share, or drag/paste image into any other app. Other features: • Runs in the menu bar, the dock or both • Responsive and clean sharing page • Keyboard shortcuts • Quick sharing via email, message, Twitter or Facebook • Enhanced for Retina display • Zero clutter Note 1. A (free) Dropbox account is required to use the upload feature. Note 2. To be able to improve Glui we use Mixpanel to anonymously track usage data within the application. Absolutely no personal information is collected.

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  • 12/10/13--22:29: Nimbus Screenshot
  • Screen capture Web Page, selected region or whole browser window, edit screenshots and save the images to Local File or Google Drive. Edit screenshots in a very user-friendly interface with the different tools.

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  • 02/14/14--06:25: Abduction
  • Right click on any web page, frame or iframe, click "Save Page As Image..." and then resize the selection around the piece you want to save. The element that you right clicked on will automatically be selected, you can quickly expand the selection to the entire page by double clicking, to restore, double click again. This add-on is entirely open source, contributions are welcome at the github. 1) Capture an page or just a specific region. 2) Adds a right click option to take screen shots of an entire web page or just part of a web page to save as an image.

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  • 05/23/14--04:51: Snip By Tencent Technology
  • Snip is a screen-capture application that can capture the active window or custom areas. Drag to zoom in/out the screen shot; add labels, texts and handwriting contents of your choice and save it to your device or the clipboard. 1. Auto-identify windows: Snip can identify windows open automatically. 2. Editable tags: Add tags (rectangle, ellipse and arrow) and texts; and draw with handwriting brushes. You can change the location, size and color.

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  • 05/28/14--04:18: qSnap
  • qSnap by QASymphony is a useful screen capture add-on for everyone, especially for testers, developers, and even marketers. qSnap is totally free and is available for many popular browsers, including: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. With qSnap, you can choose to capture either visible screen or full screen, add annotations, import images, and automatically have multiple captures consolidated into a single and lightweight document. Your screenshots can be directly downloaded and printed or stored online using QASymphony's free hosting service. Sharing is easy with qSnap thank to integrated email and social networks, such as facebook, twitter and G+.

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  • 07/27/14--02:08: Picozu Shooter
  • Allows you to take a screenshot of a given browser page, or a specific region of it and save it to a file, clipboard or Picozu Image Editor.

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  • 08/01/14--07:34: Webpage Screenshot
  • This extension is able to capture 100% of both the vertical and horizontal content appearing on any webpage on the Internet. It is very easy to save the captured file onto your computer or print it / or share it to any social network. You can host and share unlimited images for free.

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  • 04/03/15--06:52: Napkin
  • Napkin is designed to enable quick markup of images and screenshots. An easy to use loupe lets you draw attention and highlight specific things.

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  • 03/11/16--11:16: KSUploader

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  • 04/20/16--08:23: Open Screenshot
  • This extension is able to capture 100% of both the vertical and horizontal content appearing on any webpage on the Internet. It is very easy to save the captured file onto your computer or print it / or share it to any social network. You can host and share unlimited images forever for free.

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  • 05/18/16--23:39: Capto
  • Your Everyday Screen Capture And Video Editing Software For Mac Capto is an easy-to-use app that takes capturing, recording, video and image editing to the next level. With an intelligent file manager and quick sharing options, Capto is perfect for teachers, students, creative professionals and anyone in need of a powerful, yet easy-to-use screen capture tool. Screen Recorder Capture your screen in all its high-definition glory along with clear audio! By doing so at a smooth 60 FPS, you get sharp and clear recordings that look great on any device. Video Editor Make your screen recordings look professional. Capto's powerful video editing suite gives you all the tools necessary to perfect your screen recordings, post-capture. Screen & Web Capture Capto's options allow for effortless capturing of screenshots in different ways. Capture fullscreen or just select parts as required. You can also save a whole webpage in one click! Image Editor Expand and build upon captured screenshots with Capto's image editing features. Annotate, correct, or adjust the properties of the image and make them informative and easy to comprehend. iOS Screen Recording Video record your iPhone or iPad's screen by connecting it to a Mac running Capto. Capture, add a voiceover and edit them to instantly create tutorials. File Management Capto has the best file management structure for quick searches. Your screen captures and recordings are placed in easy-to-spot folders by default. You can also add custom rules to place captures in folders of your choice. Easy Sharing Upload or share screenshots and screen recordings to Facebook, Tumblr, Dropbox, Evernote, YouTube and more without leaving the app. If you have your own FTP/SFTP setup, upload them in a click!

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  • 05/30/16--04:24: Smartshot
  • Smartshot gives you the easiest way to take screenshot and share it with one-click uploads. 1. Croping any part of the screenshot. 2. Drawing on the screenshot. 3. Inputing custom text on the screenshot. 4. Sharing the screenshot after it’s taken. Annotate and edit your screenshot: Annotate any image with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text Crop, scroll & show crop area dimensions Blur certain sections to hide sensitive information. Save and share your screenshot: You can upload screenshot into the cloud that you'd like to share or send to someone, Smartshot gives you the ability to save your screenshot to google drive & Imgur, even our server.

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  • 06/03/16--08:40: Marker
  • Marker is a visual bug reporting tool that connects to your existing issue tracker ( JIRA, Trello, Github, Slack, ...). Simply annotate your feedback on screenshots and send it where your team needs it the most in 1-click. Annotated screenshots taken with Marker are automatically enriched with browser data ( URL, browser version, zoom level, screen size, user agent...) to help developers reproduce bugs. QA agents, project managers and designers can annotate screenshots and finally create issue reports in seconds. Marker's bug reporting template also makes it easy for non-technical people to create professional and actionable issues developers will love. To recap, Marker is the perfect layer that lives on top of your bug tracking tool. It will make your testing process faster and your technical team will love you for using it.

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  • 07/04/16--02:03: Screen Grabber Pro
  • The AceThinker Screen Capture Pro is a versatile application for people to capture screen in multiple modes for sharing with others. It features intuitive interface for you to quickly work through either a quick snapshot or a video screencasts for any activity on your screen. In addition to this, you could also choose among window, region or full screen to conduct the capture. No matter you’re creating an image/video, there will be options for you to further edit on screen in real-time, you can access options including highlights, shapes, texts, lines and more. Moreover, there’s a task scheduler for you to perform screen recording in automatic way, just give it a few moments to configure the date for starting with screencast, you could then let the program work on its own. This gives high convenience for recording ongoing live shows, webinars, or just any events that happen on your desktop in future.

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  • 08/14/16--22:38: Awesome Screenshot Minus
  • Awesome Screenshot Minus is a less intrusive, open source version of the popular . FEATURES: + Desktop capture - used to be a "premium feature". + GDrive URL shortening - short "" urls for screenshots uploaded to GDrive. + Touch screen support - use touch screen to draw + Less intrusive (minimum amount of code is injected into pages). + De-obfuscated source:

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  • 04/15/09--19:27: Greenshot
  • Greenshot is a light-weight screenshot tool optimized for productivity with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) support. Save a screenshot or a part of the screen to a file within a second or load it up to an Internet-picture-storage and get a public accessible URL (Confluence,, Dropbox, Flick, Imgur without/with password, JIRA, Picasa-Web). Export to Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook) or an "external command" (self defined). Apply text and shapes to the screenshot. Offers capture of window, region or full screenshot. Supports several image formats. Low demand of space on harddisk: 1289 kB; 32 supported languages.

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  • 03/21/17--06:48: SnapNDrag Pro
  • SnapNDrag Pro is screen capture made ridiculously easy. Here is an app you didn't know you need until you try it. WHO IS IT FOR? There are myriad reasons to take a screenshot: note-taking, tech support, comparison shopping, on-screen reference etc. SnapNDrag is the perfect screenshot tool for students, teachers, designers, developers, support … just about anyone who uses a computer, really. Why use SnapNDrag over OS X's built-in Grab? Because SnapNDrag does much more than just *take* screenshots. Please read on. SHOOT ? ORGANIZE ? ANNOTATE ? SHARE SnapNDrag makes taking screenshots super easy. Click, select and the screenshot is added to your library. SnapNDrag maintains a library of all the screenshots you have ever taken. Think of it as iPhoto for screenshots. You can organize by Folders. You can batch rename items. You can type into the search field and get live updates in the browser. SnapNDrag maintains its own Trash so you undo a delete if you need to. If a screenshot is worth a thousand words then an annotated screenshot is worth a million. Simply double click to open an item for editing in Preview. Use Preview's edit tools to add text, draw arrows or circles. When you hit Save in Preview, SnapNDrag instantly picks up the changes and updates the browser. Since what you're editing is a *copy*, you can easily revert to the original. When it comes time to share, SnapNDrag provides many ways to do that. Use the Share button to send via Mail, Messages, AirDrop, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr. Or drag a screenshot from the browser and drop it into the Mail or Message you're composing - in fact, you can drag it to pretty much any app where it makes sense. And if you're old school, copy-and-paste works too. POWERFUL YET SIMPLE Don't let SnapNDrag's simplicity fool you. When you dig deeper, you will find lots of options to satisfy the power user. For example, you can activate functions using global hot keys. You can also run SnapNDrag as a background app.

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  • 03/26/17--18:45: Annotate
  • Annotate (formerly know as Glui) is the simplest way to capture, annotate and share screenshots. FEATURES Capture images or video! * Record a screencast (up to 10 seconds) and share it anywhere as a GIF * Capture a screenshot or open any existing image Mark it up! * Annotate with arrow, line, text, overlay, rectangle, oval, pen, pixelate tool and emojis * Quickly and easily redact parts of an image * Shortcut keys for all your tools supercharge your workflow Share it! * If you work in Zendesk, you can share annotated images and video directly into a ticket * Streamline your workflow and instantly share the image or a link to the image with Dropbox, CloudApp, Apple Messages, Mail, Twitter and Facebook Apps * You can also copy or drag anywhere on your Mac to share your ideas

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